About Us

Toronto Office Coffee About Us

Toronto Office Coffee understands the importance of having a fine cup of coffee first thing in the morning, for lunch, or just to enjoy the smooth, bold taste and the energy boost it provides.

Our vision was to become a coffee provider that offered products and services that our customers would respect and appreciate. This has become a reality and in spite of our success, we continue to evolve, grow and improve. As a leading coffee company in the industry, it is important for us to keep raising the bar, investing and improving our products and services. This ensures our customers continue to receive the best products and services available at the most economic price.

We believe in helping with the implementation of a greener standard of living in the coffee industry. By providing delicious office coffee solutions that are environmentally-friendly and have little to zero negative impact on the environment, we are doing our part. Our unique brewers work with 100% compostable coffee pods and packaging that is 100% biodegradable. Used coffee pods can be put into your office’s compost or green bin program.

As the world continues to evolve towards a greener society, Toronto Office Coffee will continue to strive to make a greener impact via coffee sales, supplies, equipment and services. Provide your office with the best coffee services from ON THE WAY CAFE Inc. in Toronto and start your FREE 5 day trial!